About Us

Our purpose is to be an influential voice across the surgical field, championing equality, diversity and inclusion throughout all aspects of surgical life whilst providing a trusted destination for the sharing of good practice, information and meaningful support. 

Learn more about who we are, what we believe, our key goals and the core values which guide our strategy.

Mission and Vision

We exist to develop a surgical community of excellence. Uncover more about how we plan to achieve our aim.

Core Values

Learn more about our goals, what we believe and how we plan to drive forward improvements in equality, diversity and inclusion across the UK’s surgical field.

Our Story

The British Association of Black Surgeons became a registered charity in May 2023. Learn more about our Founder and Founding Members.

Our Team

Discover how BABS is governed, who our leaders are and what they do to keep our Association on track. 

Patrons and Ambassadors​

Meet our patrons and ambassadors.