The British Association of Black Surgeons recognises the value that research and auditing add to our practice. We believe both are fundamental to successful clinical performance, highlighting areas for improvement whilst challenging current knowledge and stimulating change.


Throughout the year, we plan to offer a range of research projects and opportunities you can get involved in. From audits to QI, surveys, collaborative studies and research projects, there’s something for everyone.

Our research and audits aim to: 

  • increase participation in national and local research projects.
  • better promote opportunities for new research projects.
  • establish an active community of surgical research teams and academics.
  • facilitate collaborative studies across the membership and beyond.
  • implement a range of training programmes to further develop members’ research skills.

Get Involved

For more information or to express an interest, please email

Please note that you must be an existing member of BABS to get involved in our Research and Audit projects. To sign up, click here.