Professional development for surgeons

Designed for consultants, SAS doctors, surgical trainees and foundation doctors, our Developing Surgeons programme is a collection of events designed to support you at every stage of your career.


The programme can be accessed on four different levels according to your current role.

For those already working as a consultant, the programme involves support to develop:

  • leadership skills
  • medico-legal knowledge
  • participation in the Clinical Excellence Awards

For those transitioning to consultant-level positions, the programme encompasses a range of practical assistance to help you prepare for the job application process. Event coverage includes how to:

  • access management positions
  • approach interviews
  • prep for your new role

For higher surgical trainees, the initiatives will cover all aspects of the OOPR and OOPE, including how to:

  • get the most from training
  • access fellowships

For those early in their surgical careers, there will be opportunities to:

  • practice interview techniques
  • learn how to revise for exams
  • build a portfolio

Future sessions will soon be added to our Events page.