Mentorship Scheme

The BABS’s mentorship program is a multi-level scheme for those pursuing professional development at any stage of a surgical career.

Helping you grow and thrive, this is a career-enhancing opportunity to access coaching-style and peer-to-peer mentoring from surgeons who support you as you work towards your long and short-term goals.

Whether you want to help those in their surgical careers or access support and insight into what lies ahead, discover how you can join our mentoring program.

How the Programme works

The BABS Mentorship Programme begins with a preliminary meeting between mentor and mentee.

This is an important opportunity for both parties to get to know each other and ensure they are a suitable match. You’ll also have a chance to discover more about what the programme will involve.

We aim to provide mentors who can cover:

  • career progression and development (including education and research)
  • exam preparation and performance
  • work-life balance and LTFT/flexible training

We expect mentors and mentees to conduct regular meetings and ensure all sessions have a clear focus or agenda.

Meetings should follow our recommended formal structure as detailed in the BABS Mentorship Agreement which you can download here.

At the end of the programme we will contact both the mentor and mentee for crucial feedback. The information we receive will enable us to continue to develop and improve the programme.

Become a BABS Mentor 

You can volunteer to be a BABS mentor at any stage of your career although most of our mentors are ST6+, SAS or consultants.

To apply to become a BABS mentor complete the application form below. 

Add a brief overview of yourself and the areas you feel comfortable offering support in. Once received, we’ll add you to our list of potential mentors on the BABS website.

You will need to include evidence of previous mentorship training as part of your application. Accepted forms of proof include: formal qualification certificates or evidence of course attendance. 

If you would like to gain certification for mentorship training, browse the eLearning for Health course in the resources section.

Become a Mentor

Apply now to be a mentor on our Mentorship scheme.

Please note that you must be an existing member of BABS to take part in this scheme. To sign up, click here.

Find a BABS Mentor

To join our program as a mentee you will be able to select and contact your mentor yourself from our pool of mentor profiles on the BABS website. 

Where demand is high, those working at critical stages of progression (ie. foundation to core, core to specialist and specialist to consultant), will be given priority. 

Complete the application form below. We’ll notify you once it’s processed and you can begin your search for the mentor who best matches your needs.

Find a Mentor

Apply now to be a mentee on our Mentorship scheme.

Please note that you must be an existing member of BABS to take part in this scheme. To sign up, click here.